Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #12

robert1.jpgRobert’s back!. He took a break during MTTS to catch up on his NASCAR races and he returns with a MINI full of his cousins on a rainy night in the ‘hood.

They attack a 40kmp/h onramp at close to 100kmp/h! TWICE! And the lads proceede to take us to task over the Horseshoe wheels and Liquid Yellow, plus take some shots at the GP. Me, I think it’s jealousy. I think they actually get Robert’s MINI airborne too!

If you haven’t listened to any of these yet, this would be a great one to start with!

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5 replies on “Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #12”

  1. Totally awesome! Those boys did a pretty good job taking us to task about a few things, expecially considering they don’t listen 😉

    Might there have been a little coaching? LOL

  2. Nope – no coaching necessary. The boys know what they like, Flame spokes and Liquid Yellow!!

    Those three guys (ages 12, 12 and 14) were the best. And they shrieked like girls – exactly what they wanted NOT to do!


  3. I think the best part of these “sound tours” is the thick Canuck accent!

    Love it!

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