Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #14

dsc02337.jpgThe last of the year, but db was late in getting in posted.

Robert gets a chance to drive a Smart. The grandfather of the lads owns one. 3 cylinder diesel, incredible mileage and quite peppy. Plus, it has the cutest little horn. Awwww.

This isn’t the car he drove, but it looked way cooler. Also to note is the lack of snow on the ground. Robert says:
>Note the complete lack of snow in Toronto. It’s almost balmy outside. Methinks we’re going to pay for this come February!

Robert drives a Smart!:

Download | 7:02 | 6.45MB

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  1. Nice! I love the little smart ForTwo car. We have some video footage we got from ZAP! Automotive up here in Santa Rosa (California) which I threw into episode #12. Other than their great gas milage, the smart is shorter in length than a classic Mini, in fact, you can park them sideways like a motorcyle, fitting 2 smarts in the space of 1 standard size (whatever that means) car! I dunno how good these are in the twisties, but I heard they are pretty nimble. Top speed is 85mph (sans limiter) though in commuter traffic how often are you going that fast? Great job guys, that was a fun little tour! thanks DB for posting this!

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