Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #18

dsc03027.jpgRobert has really out done himself this time and think you all will be very pleased!

Robert says.

>I spent part of Saturday at a track 200 kms from Toronto ( We met racers from Toronto and Montreal. Yesterday was reunion day.

>I recorded amazing sound from the track. Before the rides, in the car (with a pro who talks through the whole track, MINI engine screaming), and after the rides with some of the hobbyist drivers, a passenger and a newbie. And all the while cars are whizzing by in the background.

This was great fun and I hope you all enjoy it!

Don’t forget, Robert is a podcasting machine! You can check him out at the Mobile Movie Minute and his Business Cast. Both are great!

Download | 22:18 | 21.2 MB

4 replies on “Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #18”

  1. The picture is Shel The Driver. After you hear this track day episode I know you’ll agree with me that Shel is a drivin’ machine! There isn’t much he doesn’t know about the MINI and the track.

    I had the best time! Thanks, Amit for organizing, and to both of your for the great rides.


  2. this is the best soundseeing tour ever! it made me smile like an idiot!

    Bob, your stereo mic is awesome.

    Thank you!

    I really want an R53 JCW now…

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