Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #19

robert_track.jpgOur intrepid hero again spending time on the track with an instructor and his MINI for your benefit.

Robert says.
>The MINI Challenge: MINIs vs. somewhat reasonable competitors! Twisties, ABS tests, hard braking, shoelace turns and ‘S’ turns – we did ’em all. There was an obvious winner – and a good 2nd place finisher. Terrific sound on the track, lot’s of squealing tires. You’ll enjoy this – you’ll think you were there!

Outstanding yet again Robert! I’m sure all y’all will enjoy this.

Download | 20:22 | 31.7MB

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  1. Well it looks like MINI is trying to keep their roadshow consistent at all of the stops across Canada. What you saw was surprisingly similar to what I saw in Calgary.

    When I did the “Challenge”, I had a lot of the same issues with slide, but the tyres were pretty new, and the road surface was REALLY grippy tarmac.

    You can read my report from back in May on MotoringFile at

    Way to go eh?

  2. Hey Robert,

    Did you notice the brake pedals on most of the cars going to the floor when the ABS kicked in? I found it a bit disturbing.

    And how about that Mazda? You mentioned how big the A3 was. We found that the Mazda FELT bigger than the A3, the way it dragged its door handles around corners. What a dog (eh?).

    Well, it’s off to the parkade to get a two-four and a double-double, sit on the Chesterfield with my toque and listen to some Bare Naked Ladies…(no culture indeed).

  3. Hey, like we should lobby the Governm…uh DB for a Canadian Corner on the show eh?


    And todays dirty sounding Canadian place is Regina.


  4. On the road out of Climax they tell you to Come Again Soon. I’ll be sure to do that.

    Hey, did you read in the news yesterday that Alberta is finally going to get telephone service AND that Canada is officially going to metric time? Woo Hoo, 10 hours a day, 10 minutes an hour, 10 seconds a minute. This will make all of those nasty time calculations trivial 🙂 Although I will have to get an update for Windows and I’ll have to translate the time to set my VCR for This Hour has 22 Minutes. (I guess they will have to rename that show too, hmmm).

    A (eh?)

  5. Hey, Robert, again, great job! The sound from this podcast made me feel like I was actually in the MINI. I love the deep bass of the MCS’s new engine, makes me want to go test drive one.


    If you haven’t tested one yet, you must. The new MCS is a riot, which is why Gabe is so hot to get his.

    Go drive one today!

    (And thanks for the feedback. It’s much appreciated).


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