Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #6

At least I think it’s number 6.

Robert takes another MINI newbie out for a terror inducing, tire squealing ride through the streets of Ontario, Canada. Sure the newbie is a girl (and quite a bit younger this time too!), but you should know that’s his M.O. by now gang! From WRR listener jSchwa:

weekdaypirate: dude… i’m pretty sure i can hear the braces and pigtails in that girls voice

Just make sure you get her driving the MINI when she gets her license!

Robert did the hard part

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4 replies on “Robert’s Soundseeing Tour #6”

  1. . . . “speed bumps? what speed bumps? mushroomed shock towers? who cares? Look at this cute girl sittin’ here next to me!” SCHA – WEET ROBERT! Maybe we could have a whole series of these “Tickled Teen Tours” !!! 😉

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