So it begins…

MTTS1.pngTodd has arrived safely in Monterey and is already hobnobbing with the big guys (and girl!). I was able to speak with other soon-to-be GP owners earlier today and they were excited to say the least! I could feel the excitement coming through the telephone as they spoke. I’ll be trying to get some of them interviewed over the next few days as well.

Check back tomorrow with the full GP report and possible a picture or two!

Todd did it


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3 replies on “So it begins…”

  1. Todd, can you send me a postcard from each MTTS stopover? Or at least have a local beer at each stopover, thinking of us parched and dry Canadians!

    Enjoy! May your GP be everything you hope it will be. And leave the red mirror caps on the car, where they belong. They’re part of the whole experience.

    However, what about the steering wheel? What do you think of the GP wheel compare to the nice, cushy JCW? Are you committed to the switchover? ‘Cause if you’re not, I might take the JCW off your hands!


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