This in to the feedback line from Brian Dallas about a recent experience with

>A shout out to Aaron from OM. I emailed him with questions on the NM Intake for my r60 All4S. He promptly emailed me back saying that OM was out of stock but that there was a good chance they could get it drop shipped from NM and he would not know more until the next day.

>As with many things these days I had forgotten about the parts but Aaron did not. He called and emailed me that he had secured the correct part for my r60 and made the deal. In a world a poor customer service, I have to say that OM out did themselves. A special thanks to OM and Aaron for the follow though. I will always go to first for parts and accessories for my R60.

Thanks for sending that in Brian! This is what we call doing it right!

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  1. I buy a lot of stuff from OutMotoring and Aaron is always ready and willing to provide guidance, insight and just general BS about what I’m doing with my MINIs. I’ve met him (and the OutMotoring crew) at the Dragon and he always remembers my name and the cars I have. I have two brother-in-laws who also own MINIs and I’ve recommended to them to go to OutMotoring and they have both received excellent service and advice.
    Kudos to OutMotoring for their service! You MUST buy your MINI accessories from OutMotoring, no question at all!

  2. I ordered stuff from Outmotoring before I even had a MINI. I’ve always received great service; even on the odd occasion when something wasn’t right, it was taken care of quickly. At least once they were able to get me something that my dealer told me was no longer available. Gotta like that!

  3. Truth be told it has been one of the best buying experiences to date. OM has always been fast at shipping and communication. In this day and age with so much virtual buying, its key for customer retention. Well done Outmotoring.

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