‘The AMVIV’ Post

I know it’s all you have heard about for the last month. AMVIV AMVIV AMVIV! Can you tell we are just a little bit excited?

First of all, AMVIV 4 (or is it IV? Agro?) will mark the first occassion in almost 2 years that all 3 4 of us have been in the same place at the same time. I hope the universe doesn’t split open or something horrible like that.

Both Todd and I are taking our recording gear. We hope to not only do a full show while we are there, but to get some audio from the NAMCC (possibly even some in car stuff with Brian and Way…sweet!), during the strip cruise and the banquet! Then, we’ll be posting those updates as fast as we can. It’s going to be almost like being there.

I will also be posting periodic updates to twitter that will show up on that badge over there (or you can get the RSS feed here). Not too much, just short blurbs about what’s happening and all that.

Be sure to also keep an eye on the flickrs. I’m sure both Gabe and myself will be sharing phone photos as we go. Heck, I’ll even get Todd to post too. Oh yea, and don’t forget the AMVIV Flickr group. I’m sure a TON of pics will show up there as well.

This also means that we won’t have normal shows next Sunday and Monday. We’ll have enough for you to listen too, but if you start jonesin’, this would be a great time to go back through the archives and listen to past shows. Might I recommend a trip through the 60’s? Some great stuff there.

Watch later today for Robert’s latest soundseeing tour and very soon for the next mobile gadget review with Brad Day (as soon as we can get our schedules to match!).

If you are coming to Vegas, be sure to stop by and say hi. Todd will have some very limited edition AMVIV badges for sale and we’ll also have decals for anyone that knows the secret phrase:
> 50/50 weight distribution is fantastic!

Until next week gang.

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  1. Hadn’t listened since June, so I gave you all a go today. 6 minutes of coffee talk in, decided I haven’t missed much. Happy Birthday anyway. : )

  2. Hey Todd can you have/save a AMVIV badge for me. I will be there on Saturday. flying in on Friday night. Thanks!! WWR rocks

  3. Looking forward to the audio snippets.
    Y’all have fun, and since “Peets” was mentioned, 6 minutes of coffee talk is just fine 😉
    (Possible sponsor opportunity? lol)

  4. The run of 60 blue / 40 black was made specifically for AMVIV and our plans are to only sell them there. However if a few are left-over, we’ll probably end up putting them on the site for a short time.

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