Woof 46

Gabe goes alone while db and Todd are in Vegas. Taking advantage of his aloneness he discusses the Apple Cube, Liquid Yellow MINI’s, the history of the BMW 3 series line and that world famous 3 series 50/50 weight distribution, among other things!

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Woof 46:

Gabe did the hard part
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15 replies on “Woof 46”

  1. Gabe, with this Woof you have raised my hopes and dashed them at all once…but you love Macs so you are forgiven.

  2. Well done, Gabe. Succinct and to the point.

    My computer must have skipped a beat, though, ’cause I missed your lengthy diatribe on the Mac TV (and you’ve got to be a Mac fanatic to remember that classic black gem).


  3. Now I know why there were three stooges, not just one. Nice try, Gabe. This might become the most downloaded podcast of all time.

  4. Very funny. I was getting excited about listening to the differences between the E21, E30, E36 (by far the ugliest), E46 and E90 Bimmers. What would have been really cool is if you started out with the old 2002s as well.

    Maybe I’ll catch this stuff on the BimmerFile, LOL!!

    Congratulations on one of the shortest podcasts in WRR history.

  5. Gabe your such a tease, such a great show line-up and then to be left out in the cold…come on, couldn’t you just give us a few hours of this eagerly awaited podcast?


  6. Those are the nicest comments I’ve yet to hear Gabe shower on Liquid Yellow! Glad to hear you’re comming around.


  7. >All this show, and you couldn’t show up for the CMMC poker run?

    Actually this was recorded awhile ago, not this Sunday. And since I’m incredibly busy these days ripping out two bathrooms in my place, I couldn’t make it to the CMMC event.

  8. Ughh! You should only do one bathroom at a time! Just doing one made me cry. Good luck!

  9. I hope you have at least 3 bathrooms! :o)
    I like Liquid Yellow too! Imagine that!

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