The Next Show

Where is Woof 211?

It all started last week. Todd and I had the best of intentions and actually got together on our normal night to record it. It was going well until my Skype, yet again, started acting up. But I was also recording.

So, yea. For Woofcast 211 we are taking a mulligan. It wasn’t anything anyway, just a bit of filler.

Can I recommend a trip through the Archives? Perhaps go back and listen to such classics as Woof 21, Woof 64 or the new classic, Woof 199. Or, take advantage of this time to get caught up on the last few shows that you might have missed.

We have big plans for 2008! Coverage from AMVIV, The Dragon, MINI Takes the States and whatever else we can find. Plus, more live shows!

Thanks for stopping by, listening and sharing us with your friends! And thank you for your patience during the holidays with our spotty show schedule. We will be back on track before you know it!