The Tech Lounge Interview

Brad Day, Senior Editor from The Tech spent about an hour with us last week doing an interview for their technology site. You can read the interview text here.

While not too MINI related, you will get an idea of what happens behind the scenes, plus our thoughts on podcasting in general and what the future holds.

Of course, if you are looking for tech reviews and other technology related news, check out It’s independant and the writing is top notch!

WRR Interview:

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10 replies on “The Tech Lounge Interview”

  1. Another example of how you three are interesting to just listen to… I’m now considering consulting you on furniture.

    This was a fun listen.


  2. Can you put up a link to the hardware MP3 recorder you were talking about in the show that you use on the road to record interviews..? Thanks.

  3. Thanks Todd. I was putting Enderol into Google and getting nothing relavent – too many other hits with ‘MP3’ and ‘recorder’ in them!

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