Todd & db drive the Cooper D

Todd drivin' the DTodd and db drive the MINI Cooper D on our way out to the Plant at Oxford. Actually, Todd did all of the driving since he was the one to sign for the car, but I did get to ride shotgun.

So it’s known, Todd was aces in getting through London traffic and getting us to Oxford, all in a MINI with the controls on the wrong side!

From the outside, you could tell it was a diesel in sound only. No black smoke, not diesel-y smell, nothing. From the inside it sounded like a well tuned Cooper, even under hard excelleration. Bonus? We got about 70MPG driving between London and Oxford. Stop and go through the city, about 70MPH on the highway. Enough torque to put us back in our seats and avoid the crazy London drivers, but still smooth like an R56.

Next up will be our tour of the plant, including pictures! Check back later for that.

Todd and db in a D:

Download | 6.1MB | 6:31

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  1. no, really, you haven’t 😉

    I’ve got about 70 or so pictures left to show you from our tour of the plant. Most of them even turned out pretty good 😉

  2. Not bad, you guys have been there for a very short while and already sound like your having a blast. Looks forward to seeing some factory shots, also can’t wait to hear what you guys see while roaming around the factory.

  3. Todd & DB, your report reinforces my belief that the MINI Cooper-D would be a big seller if BMW/MINI would bring it into the North American market.

  4. How did you swing pics at the plant – when I went it was a *strictly* no camera affair. Guess celebrity buys you some priviledges hey 🙂 Nice work!

  5. We thought the same thing, so you can imagine how shocked and surprised we were when we found out that we could bring them and take pictures. It was great!

  6. How did you get the tour? I wrote Mini twice and was repeatedly told there were no tours in June! Were you special guests?

  7. We were there doing a plant tour to share with our readers and listeners. That and MINIUSA helped us a bit. It might also had something to do with the fact that they weren’t building any Clubmans that day either.

  8. thanks for the reply. If I had know I would have carried your gear just to get in since I was in London that week! I enjoy your podcast and web sites (though I haven’t listened in a while I am still subscribed) How about a show on mechanical problems we have all had to deal with? Like a problem child: some things we need to work on but we love them more than anything!

  9. By the way, you look just like Tom Schuman (the keyboard player for Spyro Gyra jazz band; check out their web site at

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