Just a couple of things for you really quick….

Today (Saturday, December 2nd) I will be out at the LA Auto Show hangin’ out with Fireball Tim! If you are going, cruise over to Kenitia Hall and say hi. I’ll have audio, pictures and possibly a post for Motoringfile. Keep an eye out for that stuff this week.

WRR has succombed to all that is evil and now has a MySpace page. It’s a work in progress, but still there for you to check out. I’ve got some silly ideas planned for that, so keep an eye out for sure. Free WRR Tshirt to the first person to leave a comment telling me the maximum size of a file I can upload over there. I hunted for an hour and couldn’t find a thing! That’s why there aren’t more shows on the page. MySpace says the files are too big. Dang.

And, don’t forget any of the fine sponsors of the show for your holiday MINI needs! Just follow the links on the right so they know you came from here!

Check back tomorrow for Woof 115. Unless it’s buried, much like Todd and Gabe, under more than a foot of snow!

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  1. also, if you were wondering where it says that, it’s right before you upload an audio file, after you title it, and stuff

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