We’re Back, kinda


All of the White Roof Radio crew made it back to their respective start places from MTTS this week. No missing fingers, no missing toes and only 1 ‘driving award’. It was an epic trip that we will be recapping for you on next weeks show.

We’re also still working on closing out MTTS. More photos and audio interviews will follow soon.

Some of you (ok, almost all of you) noticed that, during our absence from the ‘internet airwaves’ during MTTS, something weird happened with the WRR iTunes page. Like, all of the shows magically disappeared. That was an oversight by me for not fixing that **before** hitting the road earlier this month. I can tell you that it has been corrected for now and iTunes should be updating shortly.

The fix is temporary and might make the feed look odd if you view it in a reader. Don’t worry, the keyword here is temporary and I will be resetting things to normal service as soon as possible.