Where’s the Show?

You might be asking yourself that very same question. As it turns out, the connectivity problems Todd experienced last week continued on to the weekend for him and his neighbors. They are sending the big truck out soon to get him squared away. In the meantime, I think he’s going to do some wardriving to find an open WiFi (or hit up Panera for lunch) and get it uploaded. Should be ready later today.

On another note, new Soundseeing Tour by Robert is done and will be getting posted today or tomorrow. It’s pretty awesome, so watch for that.

And, on yet another note, I’m starting a new show with Fireball Tim this week. First episode should be going up tonight, but you are going to have to hunt it down to find it. At least until we do 3 or 4 of them.

Don’t forget Todd will be at MTTS Chicago this coming weekend as well. Find him if you go and say hi. He might give you a decal or you can buy one of those cool, limited edition, Motoringbadges he will be selling.

Gonna be a HUGE week! Stick around.