White Roof Radio Christmas Music Special

There wasn’t time to put together a fresh one for you guys, but this is the one from 2007. I still think it’s pretty good and hope you enjoy it as your Motor around for the rest of the holiday season.

All of us would like to thank all y’all for being such awesome fans and sticking with us for another year! We had the chance to meet a good number of you at events around the globe this year, and we hope that 2010 gives us the chance to meet even more of you and reconnect at even more events, including AMVIV and a few others.

From myself, Todd, Chad, Gabe, and Michael Merry Christmas gang!

Woofcast Christmas:

Download | 32.6MB | 35:29 | Music Only

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  1. Just wondering what the title was for the second song.. I searched for the lyrics without any luck, this is a great song and I want to share it with the rest of my family. If you could help me out that would be awesome! Merry Christmas

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