Image Courtesy Eileen Dugan.
Image Courtesy Eileen Dugan.

Time to mark those calendars and ask for time off. What will surely be one of the biggest parties of 2014 is almost fully planned, and we want you to be there!

This coming February, White Roof Radio will record our 500th episode. We think itโ€™s a pretty big deal and would like to share the experience with as many of you as possible in the form of a live, in person, show. Details are still being worked out, but we can tell you when and where.

* **What:** White Roof Radio #500 LIVE
* **When:** Saturday, February 22nd, 2014 – RSVP here
* **Where:** EuroTechs, Phoenix, AZ

Todd will be doing graphics, there will be a ton of your MINI friends hanging out and, for those of you that remember Woofcast #400 Live from Detroit Tuned, a huge party!

Instead of sitting hip deep in snow, join us for a weekend of sun, MINIs and sun! More details to follow very soon.

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  1. Damn… I was so pulling for Chicago. It was a pretty easy drive from VA. But you’re right; it won’t be snowing in Phoenix in February!!

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