Woof #100 Recap

Thanks again to everyone that came by to listen live!

Thanks to Pedro for setting up the chat room last minute! That was awesome. If you were in the chat last night, click that link and tell Pedro thanks one more time!

Thanks to Robert and Michael for stopping by.

If you are one that made a ‘bootleg’ recording of this and need to put it someplace to share, let me know. Oh yea, no making money on the ‘bootleg’ either ;).

I think we will do this again. Maybe make it a regular feature so you know when to expect it? Like the last show of the month or something? Let us know and we’ll work it out.

Show will be mixed and ready by Sunday for those of you that couldn’t make it. Unless you get your hands on a bootleg.

9 replies on “Woof #100 Recap”

  1. Once you got the bugs worked out, the live podcast was great. I couldn’t listen to all of it due to parental duties (kids needed a bath and to be put to bed) but what I heard was a lot of fun.

    The chat room was great too. Here’s a big Atta Boy for Pedro. If you do decide to make this a regular thing, definitely try to get the chat room going as well.


  2. A big thank you needs to go out to the Lad. managing the chat room and relaying critical info to DB seemed to help get critical feedback to the show. Thanks again.


  3. Yeah, but The_Lad should be part of at least ONE WRR podcast, IMHO.

    OK The_Lad, how ’bout I come ’round your place and take you on a soundseeing tour? I’m getting pretty good at it. We’ll take Todd’s GP!


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