Woofcast #1

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**UPDATE 7-31-2012**

Most of the links below no longer work or might go nowhere. Instead of correcting it, I have decided to leave this post as it orignially appeared when it first went live in 2005.

A quick welcome to the new home of the db & Todd podcast.
–Todd has wicked bad allergies and he’s not doing his worst Darth Vader imitation so apologies for the mouth-breathing. Some of that might be db too. We’re working on it.
–Listener feedback always welcome! feeback@whiteroofradio.com or, as always, leave a comment in the show notes.
–Sunday’s topic will be dealer service, since we pre-empted it last Sunday. We will be taking listener emails and IM’s at the following addresses.
Email: live@whiteroofradio.com
IM: via AOL Instant Messenger or iChat to WhiteRoofRadio
–Playlist submissions. Send in those motoring mixes to feedback@whiteroofradio.com! Todd and I will go through them and select 1 to post over there on the right for the entire week. Preferred method would be a link to an iTunes Music Store iMix, but a list of the track with artist will be ok too.
–Drinking game. I’ll get that posted here in a few days.

Woofcast 1
Todd did the hard work
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