Woofcast 102

We start off the next century of White Roof Radio with Michael Babishkin, in for Gabe tonight, as we cover news of the week. Todd blathers on some more about the JCW steering wheel, we talk about the newest VW commercials and a little R56 talk. Oh yea, we also talk about the availability of the parcel shelf and a bit about the M600 run last week.

Check back Monday morning to guess your time for the M600 at Pomona next weekend! That gives you a whole day to think about it. Here are our guesses:

  • Todd…10.27
  • Michael…10.35
  • db…10.4 @ 130-ish MPH

Whoever comes closest without going over wins a brand spankin’ new WRR T-Shirt!

Update…Upon hearing about our contest, Fireball Tim has decided to kick in for the prize pool! Check back tomorrow morning to see what it is. Trust me, it’s very very cool!

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  1. Pfftt. Blind install of the Ian Cull Auto-Up on my 05 wasn’t a problem. You can still pull that little tab for the flap and get to the back of the switch panel.

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