Woofcast #104

products_wrinklereleaser.jpgGabe’s back! Starting off with a bang and throwing down with the laundry tips, iPod help and that stupid IE7.

Update…After listening to this again, I noticed we said Cooperspeed about a million times. Everyone knows that’s a forum, not a MINI Outfitter. That, of course, would be Cooper Sport. Now available in the US as well as in Canada (at coopersport.ca). All apologies Jason, it wasn’t on purpose!

Plus news of the week from Motoringfile.

Check back tomorrow and listen in as we go through Gabe’s design review of the R56 plus his review the M7 Under Strut System.

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10 replies on “Woofcast #104”

  1. I think Gabe and the news should be introduced with… The Hampster Dance! Todd you can find it on iTunes, and I just know Gabe would love it.

  2. On the *NEWS* Music theme…
    perhaps Gabe is looking for something that truly captures the “essence” of the News… something thoughtful, deep and meaningful… that’s it…
    **Ravi Shankar** it is!!

  3. DB, that was the first thing I thought of when Gabe said “Question…”

    Someone needs to be introduced to The Office!

  4. I’ve been watching the UK version of the Office since it started a few years back. It’s probably my favorite show of all time. However I’ve only seen half an episode of the NBC version… and I’m fine with that.

  5. What items that was in the early MINI’s had the “design language that is not persuasive in the car anymore?”

    I like my Canadian mats for the amount of slush they will contain, but when the snow is gone my coco mats are back in as they do look much better, even though I do have the cheap plastic manual round controls the Canadian mats design echo.

  6. Gabe, maybe I misunderstood you but are non-designers not supposed to have a valid opinion on the R56? I am not a fan of the changers albeit small, and maybe I don’t understand them from a designers POV but I know I don’t like them. At least not the photos.

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