Woofcast #105

skull.gifWe re-visit Gabe’s R56 design review and give you our take on the R56. Some windscreen talk and Gabe also give us his review of the M7 Understrut System.

We do go a bit longer tonight that we normally do on Monday, but there is a ton of info in tonights show!

Thanks again to the sponsors M7 Tuning and MINI Car Parts.net. Be sure to check them out for all things you need for your MINI.

Also, WRR has a swag shop in case you haven’t heard! You can check it out here.

Todd thinks he has corrected the crashing 5G iPod problem too. Please let us know if that is not the case!

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7 replies on “Woofcast #105”

  1. I guess I will just have to drive a car with the Strut system myself…

    Good review of the R56. I agree that the center control panel feels Fisher Price- esque.


  2. I find it amazing that the M7 understrut system can do as much as Gabe says – I believe him, I’m just amazed (as he was too, apparently)

    Good discussion on the R56; it’ll be interesting to have a “re-review” a year from now, when we all have got used to it …

  3. The only reason I haven’t gotten another batch of Motoring Badges is that I’m worried you’ll come out with new designs RIGHT AFTER I order.

    If you guys are taking a ‘new’ design break, I’ve got my eye on some R50 badges…

  4. The M7 USS is 3 pieces, not 2 as mentioned in the podcast. There is a front trapezoid, rear rectangle, and middle crossbar. I sure hope that you did get 3 pieces!

    Ian, I can’t speak for the hardtop but it made a dramatic difference in my cabrio.

  5. I had an 03 and now an 06. The 06 is quicker and seems to be built better. But the rattles and occassional mechanical burp added character to the 03. I would relate it more to your favorite old shirt that your wife wants so bad for you to throw out.

  6. Hi Guys,

    Crashing continues 100-105. However, I just turned off the EQ function and I can now play them all! I think I got this tip from one of Leo’s Netcasts – I listen to too many at this point to remember.

    2006 Mini Convertible and I love it!

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