Woofcast #110

For number one-oh-ten we talk about news for the week and the weather. It felt like old times. Good times, good times.

If you didn’t listen or read our interview with Brad Day from the Techlounge, you can listen here and read the article here. Don’t forget to digg the article too.

For those news stories, check back to Motoringfile.com. Lots of great info on the R56 if you aren’t already checking it out.

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8 replies on “Woofcast #110”

  1. Gasp! Ash on Roxy? *in slow motion* Noooooooooo…. Time to break out the emergency ration of Zymol. Glad to hear things are “cooling off” for you and yours.

  2. i had a turbo button on my computer too, db. a packard-bell 386…way back when. they need to bring that back.

    thanks for talkin’ up the interview again! check it out to learn more about your favorite woofcasters!

    -brad at thetechlounge.com

  3. I’m glad to hear you and the family (including Roxy, of course) are A-OK. I just heard about the fire and I thought about you right away. Take care DB!


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