Woofcast #111

A little history of the Woof and Gabe’s fascination with the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. If you haven’t, might I recommend a listen to Woofcast 21. It’s a classic! At the same time, death isn’t funny, unless it’s a Darwin award winner (or, possiby, shows up on YouTube).

As of this recording, Bill Jacobs MINI still has a GP and this week’s magic word is onus.

We then go about discussing paying more than MSRP for OEM parts and swag from you dealer. Really gang, there are a whole bunch of places where you can get these parts without paying mark-up. Check out the WRR Sponsors on the right for a few, as well as the Motoringfile Sponsor directory. Paying over is just silly, that’s all we are saying.

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10 replies on “Woofcast #111”

  1. Ack. Sorry to read about the fire. Can’t get 110 or 111 to download. Are there timeout thresholds you can set on your server. Both Itunes and downloading zips directly result in anywhere from 16 sec to 90% of the show but I can’t get the entire shows. Maybe I’ll resort to playing the first 90% and then make up my own version of the last 10% on the voicemail. You guys can tell me how close I was, but make sure if you do, that you do it in the first 16 seconds of 112!

  2. Speaking of service, guys, the thing that I love about all the service I’ve gotten at MINI and BMW dealers is that not only do I get a loaner car if I need one, but no matter what they work on, my car comes back to me hand washed, dry, and shiny. Just that little extra 10 minutes of care to make my car look great really means a lot to me. Spoiled indeed.

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