Woofcast #114

The Out Take show.

Since we took Thanksgiving off, Todd put up about 12 minutes of the greatest out-takes, making sure to focus on my apparent inability to do the intro in 1 take!

Sorry for the delay gang!

Oh yea, if anyone is planning on going to the LA Auto Show this coming weekend, I’ll be there hanging out with Fireball Tim and his gang as they release the 2 new Fireballed! MINIs. Kenitia Hall, below the south hall. Come by, say hi. Say the secret word and I might give you a decal. Secret word to follow later in the week, so besure to check back!

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12 replies on “Woofcast #114”

  1. I’m with you Gabe on the the hose and trainers. Nothing says “I got my fashion sense from watching ‘Tootsie’ and ‘9 to 5’ and I’m sticking with it” like hose and trainers.

  2. That was a lot of fun, you guys should put more of those together. 12 minutes wasn’t enough, but I’m happy to get my woofcast fix on a holiday!

  3. “envelope/onvelope” … when you wrap something Gabe, is it ENveloped? Or would you say ONveloped?!

    It’s an ENvelope – that’s how it’s spelt, and said 😉

  4. From Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, Copyright 1971.

    en∙ve∙lope \’en-vê-löp, ‘än-\

    ê as in kitten
    ä as in cot, cart

  5. >you heathens use envelopes? i wrap all my parcels in biodegradable organically grown banana leaves.

    Monkeys work at my local post office; banana leaves would cause … “problems”. 😉

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