Woofcast #115

Starting off with a bit of self-promotion like db likes to do on occassion.

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6 replies on “Woofcast #115”

  1. There’s no disputing the 3 series is unsurpassed at highway cruising, but I find our 330i a little clinical – it’s so flawless in its every execution. The MINI just feels so much more alive.

  2. DB, I’m totally with you on the Chevy Sprint thing. I myself drove an 85 Sprint in high school and loved the thing. It is what actually turned me on to MINIs in the first place. What’s the saying…more fun driving a slow car fast than a fast car slow…I loved rowing that thing through the gears and exacting everything I could out of that engine and tranny while getting 50mpg. It was great little car, and the reason why I have my MINI right now.

  3. I don’t think I said I loved that car, but it was a sweet ride until the headgasket gave out at about 110K miles (yes, I put over 100K miles on all my cars).

    But you are right, screaming onto the freeway at 80MPH in 4th gear was always a ton of fun!

  4. I’d like to point out that the grille badge holders do work on non-MINIs. Case in point:
    [![Yeah, I’ve got your FAST right here, pal](http://static.flickr.com/109/283063871_60802f1006_m.jpg “‘Yeah, I’ve got your FAST right here, pal’ on Flickr”)](http://flickr.com/photos/blalor/283063871/)

    Can anyone speak to the differences between the OutMotoring grille badge and the one from MINI (for twice the price, of course)?

    I think a holiday themed badge would be cool, like a wreath or something…

  5. Do you have to purchase a 3 spoke wheel? Does it not come with the sport package anymore? 🙁

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