Woofcast #126

We start by answering some questions sent in via email from what I think is our only Zune listener. He asked about the MCAW Auto-Up circuit, the Aux Port adapter and Euro Parcel shelf. Of course, if you use any of these, please feel free to share your experiences with them in the comments below! There is a website too that lists all of the recalls for BMW and MINI. I have lost the address but I will hunt through my history and try to find it. You should also be able to get that from your Service Advisor, bribing tips included.

Oh yea, Randy Webb. Takes a break from flying to sit in on the news with us tonight. We do go long but we spent a lot of time on the news with the new R56 pictures posted this week and we spent some time talking about the upcoming release of the BMW 1 Series in the US.

Be sure to check in tomorrow when we actually get to ask Randy where the hell he has been, what’s going on with Webb Motorsports and what’s coming up in the future. You are going to want to check this out for sure!

Woofcast #126:

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  1. I remember when I went to the BMW/MINI dealer to place my order for my 2005 MINI they also had the BMW one series, my husband say ‘why don’t you get the BMW instead?’ I didn’t even waver, I wanted the MINI! To me people get the MINI because they want the MINI, not a BMW or anything else.

    Cynthia in Greece

  2. the fact that the 1 series did so well in the ’06 24 hrs at Nurburgring is a good display of BMW’s role in motorsports. it was great to see the 1 do so well against bigger, more powerful racers like the porsche’s, vipers, M3s, etc…

    but i agree with you guys, it isn’t a MINI. and, despite what some of my fellow bimmerheads are thinking/hoping, i don’t think it will be the reincarnation of the venerable (and my pesonal favorite) 2002. but, i am super excited to see a small, lightweight BMW coming to america again. too bad they did away with the E36 318ti so quickly. and it really bites that the US market never got the E46 3xxti hatchback variant. talk about a sharp looking car.


  3. I told my wife about the 1 series making it here and she was excited. This past summer she had to sell her Z3 because we were expecting, can’t turn off the airbag, and she was not thrilled with the cars available at the time. She ended up leasing a Jetta school bus for two years until something she feels is worth the price comes out.

    She looked at the current 3 series but feels it is too big, though about the same as the Jetta, but she wasn’t going to pay much for a car she only cared if it got her and the baby around. The 1 series seems to be the perfect size for her. But she already said no to the 300hp version. She is still waiting with anticipation to see it the Z2 materializes.

    Great show guys. My wife may take a listen. 🙂

  4. In response to the warranty-voiding concern: I installed the Sony Ericsson handsfree bluetooth kit, complete with circuit to route sound through my radio. A couple of months ago, I took my car in because the speakers were crackling. My SA told me that it was because the headunit was not putting out enough power. I was holding my breath waiting for him to say something about the whole lot of wires back there and that it was probably due to these extra parts that I had plugged in. He said nothing! They replaced the head unit, and sent me on my way.

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