Woofcast #127

Or the “where the hell has Randy been show”.

WARNING…this episode wasn’t edited as much as others. There might be parts here that will make your fellow cube dwellers look over at you to see what you are looking at. No f bombs or anything, but when you start talking about the H2, things can get silly.

We turn Randy loose on the mic to fill us in on what he has been up to and squash some rumors. No, he hasn’t been fixing Hummers or running the shop at a go fast ranch.

He also revisits our weekend in St. Louis, when Todd let his car be transformed into the Mule v2.0 and throws out big thanks to EVERYONE that helped Randy finish the NAMCC season last year.

Watch for changes upcoming at Webb Motorsports. Like a brand new chatroom and new monthly podcast! And don’t forget the best way to get ahold of Randy is via email. That’s randy (at) webbmotorsports (dot) com. It’s also all over the site as well.

Woofcast #127:

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6 replies on “Woofcast #127”

  1. I was a little shocked over the “sour grapes” about the NAMCC. I do agree that to win you had to show up, but then again you had to put enough gas in your car and keep it on the track also. 😉

  2. Actually, I had a fuel delivery problem – we ended with 1/8 of a tank.

    I don’t really have any bad feelings, as it was a teething year as the first in the series history. I wish Phil well, and hope the series does better this year.

    It sounds like this year they are headed in the right direction with rule changes.

  3. (so far) I’m loving this episode – Randy is absolutely great to listen to – great stories 🙂

    (apparently I haven’t got to the “sour grapes” yet!)

  4. Was a great podcast – always is when Randy is featured.

    I didnt see any sour grapes anywhere ?????!! What timestamp do u hear the sour grapes and I’ll check it out and leave feedback here…

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