Woofcast #136

Before I begin, please ignore the mismatched show numbers. Pretty please?

Robert in Toronto joined us this week since Mr. Bridger was out for a little birthday celebration. So of course we have to spend some time talking about Canadian stuff to make him feel more at home. So, like, take off eh?

We spend a bit more time talking about AMVIV too.

Oh yea, we even managed a bit of news from Motoringfile.

Robert is doing his own podcast now and you can check it out over at mobilemovie.podshow.com. It’s the Mobile Movie Minute. Part soundseeing tour, part movie review. Definitely worth checking out!

Woofcast #136:

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5 replies on “Woofcast #136”

  1. i’m gonna brag a bit now and impress the Canadians. i own the Bob and Doug McKenzie Great White North the album on VINYL. yes, love me. i also have it on CD and in college my room mates and i had it on tape.

    -L. Ron. McKenzie.

    p.s. – and AC/DC are from Australia, although a couple of them were born in Scotland.

  2. Famous Aussies include:
    Peter Allen (married to Liza Minelli, did the Arthur theme and a bunch of other stuff)
    Bee Gees
    Air Supply
    Hugh Jackman
    Rachel Griffith
    Toni Collette
    Midnight Oil
    Nicole Kidman
    Kylie Minogue
    Elle McPherson
    Luc Longley (played for the Bulls with Michael Jordan)

    I could go on and on, but I wont. I’ll just finish with Fosters (Australian for “gee Americans are gullible!”)

  3. Well Brad, as a Canadian I AM impressed that you, an American, own “Great White North”. Mostly because I don’t even know any Canadians that own that album. 😉

  4. Would you be impressed to know that I met Bob & Doug at their Vinyl Album release party? It was held a quite a few moons ago in the Hot Stove Lounge of the now defunct Maple Leaf Gardens.


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