Woofcast #145

In case you missed any of the AMVIV coverage, you can check it all out here. Want to check out the first shows? Hit the way back machine back to August ’05. But really, don’t. Trust me, the shows weren’t that good.

Do you twitter? db does (and for WRR too).

As usual, this being the Sunday show, we mostly cover news of the week. Oh yea, you also find out Todd’s way to lock the MINI without a key.

Woofcast #145:

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14 replies on “Woofcast #145”

  1. Lada? Lada?! WTF! 😛 We luckily have more vehicles to choose from here in South Africa! In fact, we have the pick of the bunch of European cars, and none of the gamut of US vehicles.

  2. Ok. Now I’m feeling old. Glenn Close boiled Michael Douglas’ rabbit in 1987’s Fatal Attraction.

    Phil Schaffer

  3. Anyone else hear Todd call Gabe Gabey (pronounced Gaybie) ?

    I actually skipped back just to make sure…..

    What kind of endearing name change is that? 🙂

    Love ya Toddy, Gabey and DB (DB already has is endearing ending built in!) !


    (listen starting at 28:15 🙂 )

  4. Boil your bunny… actually should be “bunny boiler” as in she is a real bunny boiler….. From the movie Fatal Attraction, Glenn Close, Michael Douglas…. and Glenn Close is obsessed with MD, breaks into his house and boils his kid’s bunny. I have dated at least one of them. 🙂

  5. There is a very easy way to lock you keys in a MINI.

    1.Walk to the car with some groceries
    2.Unlock the boot with the button on the key
    3.Open the boot
    4.Put the bags in the boot
    5.Drop your keys in the boo
    6.Close the boot (It will automatically relock)

    I have never done this, but watched it happen twice. 🙂

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