Woofcast #148

Starting with Mr. Bridgar being on TV. Yea, that Fox team really butchared his name! You can check the link in yesterday’s show notes. Oh yea, Todd is the segue doctor, NOT the date doctor.

Did you know that crotch level shot is called the Batman angle? And here is the video we talked about.

Gabe also talks about the book in which he and Motoringfile were mentioned, which rolled nicely into tonights topic.

We discuss the MINI Community. Pretty much all of it.

Oh yea. Big news here and at Motoringfile next Monday. I’m sorry, I have already said too much.

Woofcast #148:

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  1. The talk of the Shell/Ferrari video (above) got cut from the final show edit but it’s still a great video – rumored to be one of the most expensive commercials ever shot.

  2. Great show. Even though it’s obvious to most MINI enthusiasts, it’s nice to actually have a clearly articulated definition of our community as a tangible resource. I’ll be referring back to this show from time to time.

  3. do you fit in the Z4M, gabe? my wife and i drove a Z4 non-M coupe at the Komen drive two weeks ago. i felt like an origami project in that thing. we were sort of disappointed…we had such high hopes of buying one when we hit the lotto.

    the 335i coupe, on the other hand, much more to my liking.

    oh, and my extended cab POS ford ranger has 4 dunlop runflats in the bed at the moment…and that’s when it doesn’t have a BMW engine back there.

    thanks, you teases.


  4. >do you fit in the Z4M, gabe?

    The Z4M coupe (with seat back and wheel pushed in as far as possible) fit my 6’2″ frame like a glove. The Convertible version; not as well.

  5. This was a great episode. As a non-owner, I’ve enjoyed the MINI community for almost two years now, and I look forward to getting a MINI in the next year and become a full-fledged, card-carrying, MINI owner.

    I do agree that the car created the community. The MINI excels at having a wide consumer base – providing the consumer isn’t looking for an SUV. 🙂

  6. Awesome show as always guys!

    I’m really glad you took some time to talk about the community and all its many facets. As someone who got involved in the online community a full two years before I actually got my car, I just really appreciate all the extra fun to be had tangential to the car itself. It really is the total package. And I have to especially second what Gabe said about how the product – the car itself – and how it would have pretty much inspired the community all on its own, independent of any advertising. Great branding gives it momentum, but it always comes back to the product. Hear hear!

    Todd! Great to hear another Eddie Izzard fan! “Do you have a flag?” I’m just so amazed how in Dress to Kill, and also Definite Article, that he can do history humor. Who does stand-up comedy about European imperialism? And here’s your MINI segue – Eddie Izzard, if you haven’t seen it, arrives and leaves from his Definite Article performance in a convoy of a red, white, and blue ’90s Minis – all because he’s got a whole bit about the original Italian Job movie on that particular DVD. Are you watching The Riches on FX? It’s so unexpected – I can’t get enough of it, or of Eddie’s wit.

    And DB, you give me mileage inspirations man. I was playing commute catch up there for a while (21,000 miles in 7 months), but thankfully now I’m down to a commute

  7. … of less than 1 mile. I plan on keeping Winston forever, so here’s to 200,000 miles and beyond.

    Keep it up guys. I can’t imagine my week without WRR!

    -NS in MN

  8. Guys,

    Absolutely “fantastic” description of this thing of ours. I don’t think that anyone has ever given a more accurate description of the MINI community ever, I can’t wait for the wife to hear it.

    As for the tease, wait could be that big? Hmmm….wait a minnit… PADDY HOPKIRK’S COMING TO MOTD?!?!?!? 😀

    Keep it great fellas!

  9. Actually a question from an earlier episode: back in Vegas when you were talking with Garth Nixon, he mentioned how the car setup for racing MINIs in the UK was totally different from our approach here in the US. Did you or will you guys go into that in more detail or did I miss it somewhere?

  10. Yep yep. We do have a suspension show on deck for the very near future and one of the things we are going to talk about is the way Gareth’s car was set up versus the way everyone elses car is setup.

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