Woofcast #156

Big show. Before Gabe gets into his love of the R56…

db is revving the gadget review back up. Watch for the Zune/Ipod comparision this week! Gabe has a few gadgets he wants to review, plus you just know that db will be reviewing his digital camera soon too.

So, is Gabe ready to give up the R53 for an R56? You are going to have to listen for a few clues. And remember, his official long term R56 review goes up on Wednesday. He tells me all questions will be answered then.

Plus, he had a great time at the Dragon. There is a good chance that one had a big effect on the other.

As mentioned, check back Friday for the Zune Review with Brad Day from The Tech Lounge and watch next week for a review of the Treo 750 with Michael Babishkin.

Woofcast #156:

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16 replies on “Woofcast #156”

  1. You are very convincing. Now I want an R56 (some day).

    BTW. WindingRoad had a quick review of the R56 Cooper that was pretty positive. I haven’t read too many about the “justacooper” version, so it was good to see.

  2. Oh, man! Gabe you’re so hooked. I could hear it in your voice during the Dragon video, too.

    I think it’s time to start the pool: How long ’till Gabe is in a R56S? Arrival time, that is – actually physically driving the car, not just ordered.

    Put me down for 8 months.

  3. Ok so if Gabe pumps the R56 he gets a free one? Hahaha! I’m really happy to hear there’s more to the new MINI besides some ugly bits with the center console and a cheaper look to the bits under the hood.

    Seriously I’m glad to hear a MINI guy likes the new MINI! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. Lol dang you Gabe, you just had to bring on the Dragon tales. Havn’t had a chance to do the Dragon yet in one of the new mini’s yet, going to try to get back over there next year to see how my new mini compares to the 67 that I took across it. I have to say also that I concure with Gabe on the exterior, matter of fact the changes on the front of the car alone has changed how I see my current R53. Love my R53 but think Mini has made another winner. Hope to see all three of you there next year. If it works out would love to bring my new JCW to the Dragon, wonder if Mini could be pushed to deliever it there lol.

  5. The Mini-D looks awesome. I love the way they have positioned the styling between the MC and the MCS. It has the wider bulge on the hood like the MCS but no scoop, and the great lower grill serving the inter-cooler.

  6. Since you guys are always asking for feedback, I feel this would be a good opportunity to oblige. Please do not take too much offence to my comments, I only offer this criticism because I love the show and this was the first time I had to hold my nose and choke down a woofcast like sour milk. Did I hear right at the end of the show? Was Gabe drunk? If so that would explain his excessive gushing over the R56. It was like a drunk person redundantly telling you how much they love you. I respect Gabe’s right to his opinion and I would expect that the R56’s engineering would indeed be superior in many ways. It better be considering the millions of dollars spent developing it. Maybe it was just the delivery of the praise that annoyed me, but I couldn’t help but wonder if WRR & MF will soon be the official podcast and blog of MINIUSA.

  7. I was kidding about the drunk part, hence the comment about the “drunk person telling you how much they love you,” which is what Gabe sounded like when he was going on about the R56. My being annoyed was probably partially due to my mood this morning when I was listening to it. I’ve still got love for WRR!

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