Woofcast #170

db, Todd and Gabe at MINI United 20072nd night with the new theme music, what do you think?

We roll into Gabe’s R56 talk with his new theme. What do you think? He brought his MINI home and parked it in the garage. The End. After I reminded him that he only bought a MINI and didn’t win an award, he gives us his initial thoughts.

As you would imagine, so far, he is loving his R56! You can read his first week review at Motoringfile.com here.

And I get to talk a little bit about alternative fuels. I think it was about 45 seconds, but didn’t really check the time. Don’t worry, I’ll keep on hammering the guys until they have no choice but to let me talk about it!

Todd’s out this week moving, so Gabe and I are going to take advantage of that and do another video show. Maybe. For those of you that caught the last, you know what a nightmare it was. I’ve been playing with ustream lately and they have made some great improvements in the software, so it should be a much simpler process. Watch this space for more information. If we do video, it will be Thursday at 6:30PM PST/8:30PM CST/ 9:30 EST.

We’ve had a few new reviews on iTunes, thank you! If you are one that hasn’t done that, and feel so inclined, just click over to the WRR page at iTunes (link below). Feel free to click on that subscribe button a few times too. Just want to get WRR above the Autoblog podcast again, and see if the extra subscribes still works.

And, here is the side-by-side comparison. R53 vs R56.

Woofcast #170:

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9 replies on “Woofcast #170”

  1. Great show as always boys! Where’s the R53/R56 comparison pic you guys were talkin’ about?

  2. Fantastic show as always guys, makes my commute much better the first 2 days of the week! DB, I’m with you, I will NEVER go back to AT&T, worst customer service ever.
    P.S. Gabe, your new ride is bad ass!

  3. db, I’m with you about the iPhone. You’re right, almost every feature on the iPhone will be on the next iPod except that it will have 5 times the memory and won’t cost $600. The iPhone is an amazing device, I experienced one up close for the first time yesterday. But there’s no way I will ever leave Verizon for AT&T. I shudder at the thought. 😉

  4. Obviously coverage issues are regional. In Chicago ATT (Cingular or ATT Wireless – whatever you want to call them) have excellent coverage throughout. It would pain me if ATT didn’t have stellar coverage in my ‘hood and I just dropped six hundo on a phone.

    BTW I just updated the pics a bit for a better comparison. Not perfect but you get the idea. We were talking about MINIs right?

  5. I can easily see how the R56 can be seen and mistaken as a higher car with the higher beltline and larger wheel gap. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be lower as well.

    I guess that sucks a little for those who really want to slam this car.

    As for the iPhone, I love the device and I don’t have a problem with AT&T, but I’m personally not a big cell phone user – at least not enough to pay that much for the phone and service (read – my wife won’t let me have one until we redo our bathrooms – LOL). But like DB and DC, put those features on an iPod, and I’m there. I wouldn’t mind having the WiFi web connection as well for purchasing iTunes music, checking email, downloading WRR and reading MF from local hot spots.

  6. Side by side Gabe, have to say your last car was fine, but for pure visual look both interior and exterior think the new car wins hands down. Still looking forward to seeing the JCW suspension kit once it goes on the car, know its not that much of a lowering but still should be cool to see.

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