Woofcast #172

RSS clubman from aboveJust Gabe and I again tonight, again via Ustream.tv. Yea, I know, you didn’t hear about it. We kinda snuck it in to do some testing, since the last time we did it was such a disaster.

We spend tonight talking mostly about the Clubman, including answering questions from the viewers. To finish, we spent a few minutes on the iPhone.

By the time you read this, Todd is all the way moved and still living out of boxes! That’s why he wasn’t around this week. We gave him the night off so he could finish moving, because we are cool like that.

This week we will be doing our 2nd anniversary show. There is a very good chance we will do it live again, on video. Keep an eye out here and at Motoringfile for details. I can’t say for sure, but if we do a live show, it will be on Thursday starting at around 9PM CST (do the math, forward and back, for your time zone). Sorry to those of you outside of the US that can’t make it. This is the only time we have to actually record the show.

And HUGE thanks to the click monkeys! Everytime I checked iTunes last week, we were at #11! Thanks!

Woofcast #172:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 47:35 | 21.9MB

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  1. I’d like it with a white roof. Then again it may look like you have the door to your old Norge on the roof..

  2. The Clubman is pretty sweet, but I will have to go on record saying a JCW version is an oxymoron.

    JCW is supposed to represent the ultimate in MINI performance, but the Clubman by definition (bigger and heavier with the same engine) can never be an ultimate performer.

    Also, this is more in line with the Mercedes “AMG on every vehicle” idea. I used to think “Wow, an AMG” when they first started coming out, but now it’s more like “eh, another AMG”. It basically waters down the name.

    Oh, and by the way, who cares if the Clubman roof is big. Give us the option of making it white.

  3. JCW is supposed to represent the ultimate in MINI performance, but the Clubman by definition (bigger and heavier with the same engine) can never be an ultimate performer.

    I guess it’s a matter of perspective and the same thing can be said about the Cooper S. From a Cooper owner’s perspective, an S is an ultimate performer. If the Clubman ‘can never be an ultimate performer’ why bother making it an S.

    True, the Clubman will never perform as well as the Coupe, but it isn’t always about the competition. Sometimes folks just want more.

    On the reverse, if folks say that the S engine would help haul the heavier clubman, then why couldn’t the JCW do the same, but more so.

    I guess for me, I don’t really see the JCW as a status symbol of ultimate performance, but rather the next level up from an S.

    But that’s just me.

  4. I’m just going to repost my comment from last week’s live show, which I think was slightly misunderstood during the show itself.

    I have to disagree that a JCW kit wouldn’t fit with the Clubman “thing.” I understand the Clubman isn’t necessarily the best platform for a sports car, with the greater weight and reduced rigidity due to the suicide door. However, the JCW kit is available for the convertible S, and a convertible, just by the way it’s built, doesn’t have the structural rigidity of a hardtop, and isn’t something I would think of as a good base for a sports car.


    For those who don’t think the JCW kit should be available for the Clubman, do you think that it should be available for the convertible?

    If it was about two years down the road, and I had ample funds for it, I would seriously consider a JCW Clubman. I don’t see myself having more than one car for quite some time, so the Clubman, with its increased versatility over the coupe, would make a great fit. Sometimes, I like to haul a bunch of stuff and I have had four people in my MINI before, and to be completely honest, I’m very glad that I wasn’t the one who had to sit in the back seat.

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