Woofcast #185

iPhones lead us off before I go quickly into an update about the end of my year. If you are interested in Podcasting, the Podcast and New Media Expo is coming up at the end of the month, September 28-30th in Ontario, California. If you want to learn even MORE about podcasting, there is PodCamp SoCal happening on Thursday the 27th. I’ll be at Podcamp and 1 day, maybe 2, of the PME. Sunday for sure because the Ask a Ninja guys are doing the keynote. If you are planning on coming, leave a not below.

Of course news of the week. Of course you voted for MTTS already at the owners lounge, right? Make sure you mention WRR/Motoringfile in the comments too!

No zip file until later Monday. Sorry gang, but serious internet issues here at the house have left me with a connection that is just too slow to get it uploaded.

Edit. I’ve fixed the problem with the feed. Completely my fault (as usual). Sorry for the delay but I was internet challenged all week. Anyway, the Raw feed has been fixed which should carry over to the feedburner feed shortly. To get the correct episode in iTunes, delete what you have now for 185, go back to our itunes page and click the ‘get episode’ button for 185. But, like I already said, it might take a few more minutes for everything to get sorted out. And, again, sorry for the mixup.

Woofcast #185:

Download | 13.4MB | 29:16 | Zipped | WRR @ iTunes

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  1. DB,

    I think you reposted episode #183 instead of #185. I can’t download #185 in itunes and the player, the download button and the zip file show #183.


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