Woofcast #187

Mixing live brings us to finding out Gabe was actually awake, mostly because he worked too much. Then we find out Way and Randy are going to be in Topeka for the SCCA race next week. And then we moved into talking about the fine looking wagon that adorns this week’s show notes page and our thoughts on the new BMW x6.

Of course, news of the week from Motoringfile.com.

We are taking next week off. I said to reset show numbers, but really we just need a break. Don’t worry, there is still going to be something awesome for you to listen too, Plus there will be another Soundseeing tour from Robert! As a bonus to you, when we come back it will be with a live show! This time, via Talk Shoe instead of Ustream. Why the change? We want to be able to allow you to participate without having to refresh the page. Talkshoe has chat and (insert drumroll here) the ability to take calls! If we do decide to take calls or if you want to hang out in the chat room, you will need to have a free TalkShoe Account. I will post complete instructions later in the week.

Woofcast #187:

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3 replies on “Woofcast #187”

  1. I like the MC40 for what it was, a tribute to Monte Carlo Minis.

    I just wished they were a little more limited and had something in the design that made them a little more unique than just cosmetic upgrades.

  2. I have an MC40 while I would not compain if the MC40 had performance upgrades…that is not what the Monte Carlo winner was….It was simply a stock cooper s…..I am happy with my black and red leather, CF dash, Plaque, Monte Carlo shift knob & floor mats….I even had the 37’s put on the car in vinyl….

    As for limited production….it is not realistic to think that anything less than 1000 units is profitable for MINI to run in a limited quantity even if that only means seats and a few stickers…it is still excess labor.

    Long live the giant killer.

    MC40 #281/1000 (400 in the USA)

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