Woofcast #19

We went long this week trying to cover everything and include the Phil Wicks interview, part 2. To make it up to you, I’ve got it posted early 😉

-db is back! Complete with cool new intro!
-if you hear it, db forgot to kill AIM sounds.
-Almost 1/10th of MINI owners in the US listen to WRR!
-Gabe doesn’t use his key.
-Don’t forget about the how-to’s.
MINI United
JCW GP Tuning Kit Specs
-The Phil Wicks interview, part II
-Todd’s wearing the producer hat.
Listener emails:
-Lisa asked what BitTorrent is. Instead of a long drawn out explination you won’t understand, go to this page in the Wikipedia instead.
-Marybeth in Encino…ditch the runflats!
-Christopher asked about the most bang for your buck as far as horsepower goes.

Again, thanks to all of you that have linked us up on your site, in your message board sig or have actually posted to a message board about WRR! Keep it up!

Todd did the hard part
Download || Steal Bandwidth from work || 1:05:39 || 30.1MB

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