Woofcast #192

We roll right into it. For those of you that wrote in about the audio quality, don’t worry, we got all of the messages. Todd recorded this week (and he will next week as well) until I get a better handle on audio quality.

Todd rents a SUV. We make fun of AutoExpress and those silly MINI SUV renderings. Can you smoke plastic wrap? Can sushi make you full for more than a day? My MINI is in serious need of repairs. Hopefully to begin shortly. All things considered, she is doing pretty good for having almost 170K miles. I’ve got big plans for 200K. You are going to have to listen for details. and here is the video we talked about.

Plus, news of the week from Motoringfile.

Don’t forget Street Tuner Challenge premiers this Wednesday on Speed TV at 10:00PM EST, but check your local listings to be sure. You can see the full schedule here. Should be fun to watch this season as our very own Fireball Tim and the guys are pitting a MINI against a Ford Focus and Mitsubishi. If you are in SoCal and want to attend what will be a cool premier, you need to get over to Southbay MINI by 7:00PM. Get the first look at the car and watch the show! Should be fun.

We tried live via TalkShoe again, but the quality on our end got so bad we had to stop it. I really want to find a good way to do this live and will be experimenting more in the future. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a note below.

Woofcast #192:

Download | Download zip | WRR @ iTunes | 42:48 | 19.7MB

6 replies on “Woofcast #192”

  1. Winter tires? Down here if snow even thinks about touching the ground the whole place shuts down. Nice free day to play in 2 inches of snow. LOL

    db, drop a diesel turbo in it. 😉

  2. So I have to know where Todd found a Lamborghini LM OO7 to rent? At least that is what the picture is.

    $150,000 (back in the big 1980s) of V12 power, Itailian leather, Super Car performance, gas guzzling SUV goodness. Yes that is irony there.

  3. Just to clarify – I did not rent a Lambo SUV but a Ford Explorer. We just got to talking about SUVs in general and Lambos, then one thing led to another…

  4. As info – Per Alex at the Tirerack. When to consider switching between summer and winter tires is based on the temperature you’re mostly seeing. He said 50* is the magic number. Once it starts getting below 50* it’s time to switch to winter tires. Once it starts getting consistently above 50* it’s ok to switch back to summer tires.


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