Woofcast #194

P1010837.JPGA short one for you this time around. Actually, there was more but we had to cut it. Don’t worry, we’ll bring it back very soon.

It’s ok, because we barely got Gabe tonight before he left for New York to go to the Westchester MINI Motortober event. We sneak in Clubman pricing. Well, Todd and Gabe know, but they won’t tell me. Can you believe that? That’s ok, Gabe said he’ll fill me in at AMVIV next year, 4 months after I find out at the LA Auto Show, just like everyone else.

Of course, the rest of the news from last week at Motoringfile.com.

Looking for a phone that will work with your MINI? Check out Wireless4mini.com. Gabe wants to be sure you all know that the iPhone made the cut.

Woofcast #194:

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  1. Have to say that I think Gabe pretty much summed up my feelings on the SUV also. I have little doubts that Mini will craft a decent micro SUV, but still pretty sure this isn’t what the brand needs. Mini already doesn’t pursue many markets, full sized truck owners, high horsepower pure sports cars, massive third row SUV’s. Just because they don’t cover small families doesn’t mean this is something they shouldn’t feel compelled to do.

    Good show guys

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