Woofcast #196

Starting off talking about the World Series (we don’t care), the fires in SoCal (Gabe instantly thinks lootin’ time!) and wonders if any of the fires were started by Fiero’s. Can you believe there is a club in KC for those guys? Crazy, I know. By the way, that link is our “Fiero Expert”.

Then, Gabe has a delima. We vote MINI ‘natch. What about you? Then, more Fiero talk before talking about the rarest color of MINI, among others.

Plus news of the week from Motoringfile.

Woofcast #196:

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  1. When the R56 MINI came out the there was so much huzzah about the 40mpg, I slightly was puzzled. It wasn’t too long ago that many compact cars offered efficiency version that rated upwards of 40mpg on the highway. Here is a New York Times article from 1984:

    Today, compacts weigh so much more, so they have to have bigger engines. As you guys noted in this weeks woofcast, The tiny Chevy Aveo only gets 34mpg highway. My daily driver Saturn gets 40 mpg with a 20 year old engine design. Don’t even get me started on Chrysler’s 32mpg pig named the Caliber that replaced the 38mpg Neon.

    The new Rabbit gets only 30mpg!!! Sad…

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