Woofcast #197

1 series

The BMW Halloween Apple BMW Show.

We spend a good amount of time talking about the upcoming BMW 1 Series and how it will affect the MINI, the MINI Community and Gabe in general. Eventhough he is holding out for a M3 Coupe.

We also talk a bit about lease vs. buy. None of us are fans of a lease, but it really wouldn’t suit us. If you lease, let us know why below.

We finish off talking about Motor-Tober events that Gabe and I attended. Todd went to his this last weekend and I’m sure he’ll report next week.

I’m currently working with a listener who is having trouble downloading the show through iTunes. Besides you guys in ZA, is there anyone else that is having problems with iTunes or downloading the show in general? Let us know below.

Woofcast #197

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  1. I used to lease my cars – mainly because it would allow me to get a car that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

    There was an added bonus – being in the military I frequently paid lower taxes (or no tax) on my lease payments.

    That changed when I moved to VA. They used to (and still may) charge personal property tax on cars- these annual bills could be hefty. As a military member who’s official state of residence was not VA, normally I would be exempt.

    But on a leased car in VA, the title is held by the lease company NOT the military member so leased cars weren’t exempt even if they are registered out of state. I got hit with a bill for 2 years of back taxes – I swore never to lease again, especially if I live in VA!

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