Woofcast #198

We talk about stuff on Sundays. We even discuss news of the week from Motoringfile.com. To begin, Gabe is mad at his car, then Todd is thinkin’ on what the third car will be.

Before news, we discussed a few things. Like Team Polizei, The gumball rally, and a Wired article.

Plus news of the week, as always.

Live show this coming Thursday for Woofcast 200. Should be fun. Watch for more information soon.

Woofcast #198

Download | 14.5MB | 31:37 | Zipped – check back | WRR @ iTunes

6 replies on “Woofcast #198”

  1. Todd,

    I call dibs on the 80gb iPod. Send me an email. I’ve maxed my 40gb 4th gen iPod, and need more room.

  2. The demo for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is not available for download in the US but I made a second account where I made Japan my home country for that account and it gives you access to the Japan PlayStation Store. Then I just downloaded the demo of GT5:P and it’s awesome. It’s got in car camera angles and the new 135i. I hope that is comes out in early December and not just the demo because I hear they keep pushing the date back. When you guys get a PS3 and if GT5 hasn’t come out let me know and I can give you more details on how to make the second account.

  3. Grand Tourismo 5? I hope that they allow you to import the music from older versions of the game. Music on GT4 SUCKED! And they need a JCW GP!

    Great GT5 and a Ratched and Clank game… I will have to get a PS3 now.. B(

  4. hey guys! it is true, no one really lives in Detroit. everyone that actually makes the city runs lives outside the city. there is a saying around here. when in another state and they ask you we are from, we claim Detroit, but no one really lives there.

  5. When I lived in “Detroit”, it was actually Dearborn.

    4 hours is a long flight? I don’t think so! Try 14 hours each way from LA to Sydney direct!

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