Woofcast #199


Yep, 199 of these are under our belt if you can believe that. Lets get right to it.

Classic WRR in the first 10 minutes. I mean, this is the stuff of legends I tell you. Besides, we got to use Fieros (again), the jumping VW Van (again) and CHiPs. It doesn’t get any better than this.

We spend most of the show talking about the Motoringfile R50/R53 Buyers Guide. Good stuff abounds for those of you in the market for a MINI.

Be sure to check out the About pages if you haven’t lately. They are neat.

Thursday we will be recording the 200th episode of the Woofcast. Join us won’t you on Thursday? Say 7-ish (California time, the rest of you do the math). I’m sure it will be via uStream. I know Robert and Micheal will be stopping by. I also know that the 10th is a very special day for WRR. Look it up, or listen to Woof21 if you forgot. It should be awesome!

Woofcast #199

Download | 15.9MB | 34:38 | Zipped – check back | WRR @ iTunes

7 replies on “Woofcast #199”

  1. Couldn’t you wire your V1 into one of the lights by your rear view mirror? That way you can avoid the A-Pillar completely.

    Seems like I saw something on NAM about this.

    It’s cool to me that the 200th show will be posted on the 11th. It’ll be a nice B-Day treat for me. Keep’em coming!

  2. Todd is just upset that there is a limited production MINI that is more rare than his GP!

    Come on Todd…don’t hate on the MC40….I don’t hate on the GP!


  3. I don’t hate the MC40. I just think it could have been so much more. I like a lot about the car – the seats for instance, are my favourite MINI seats ever.

  4. LOL well thanks….I was just playing….I know what you mean…but the 1964 car was stock…so I dont mind my 04 being stock as well…..Congrats on #200…


  5. Interior fuses for the R56 are on the PASSENGER side. There are a couple threads on NAM showing how to hard wire a detector through the powered sunroof wire near the roof switches, too. When the detector isn’t there it just leaves a little pigtail leangth of wire that can be tucked away. That said, I havn’t hard wired mine, either.

    As far as the MC40 goes. I LOVE the interiour and I’ve always wanted a set of those anthracite R90’s. The one in our local club has the JCW engine kit and supension… so I think it’s a pretty special car, myself.

  6. The 4 fuses on my Mini are under the bonnet.

    There is a Sin City MINI Club member who has the radar detector hardwired in so that the install is completely invisible. The detector interfaces with his factory nav system, so that the nav screen actually tells him where the cop is (left or right) as he approaches.

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