Woofcast #201

beer, duh

Michael and Robert join us again for this live episode of the Woofcast. We go on some more about the JCW Stage II kit, then we took some questions from the live audience.

Oh and Gabe tells us about a trip he actually took this weekend. Of course, there are pictures. And, no, there weren’t any CB’s, but Todd will be heading up to put a big gold firebird on the bonnet of his MINI.

Thanks again everyone that stopped by to join us for this live show and thanks for listening and keeping us at the top of charts! Well, ok, so it’s the iTunes charts, but I’ll take it! Here is the breakdown.

We are the number 1, automotive, independent, audio only, not re-purposed content podcast on iTunes. A stretch? Really, that means we experience over 1,000 downloads a day with almost 4,000 listeners by out calculations. So, THANK YOU!

Check back next week when Todd and Gabe trudge on without me. I’ll be hanging out with Robert in Canada this weekend so I’ll be missing the show. I hope they behave themselves.

Woofcast #200:

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7 replies on “Woofcast #201”

  1. Mmmm… beer. Nozz likes beer. Nozz needs to fly to Michigan to sample this Bell’s beer you speak of.

  2. That’s crazy you mentioned the Bells embargo in Illinois. I was in Chicago last month and brought several six packs of Bells with me. The Chicago natives treated it like gold.

    Enjoy the road trip. The Bells Brewery is a magical and wonderful place.

  3. that’s some good-looking beer. what is it- olympia? jk… hey db, wwr live tonight? I’m stuck at work monitoring some stuff tonight and could use some entertainment.

  4. Troubles with this post. Would not auto-dowload in itunes. Only downloads manually 4.35 minutes. Several attempts= same results.

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