Woofcast #206

1965-el-camino-reese-023.jpgStarting, again, with Gabe’s wheel dilemma. Then, on to some sage, and fun, advce for a potential new MCS owner. And a little Zune smack down. And a little reminicing about our first cars. Plus news of the week from Motoringfile.com.

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Check back tomorrow. We do an audio Ask MF!

Woofcast 206:

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7 replies on “Woofcast #206”

  1. I at 16, like Todd, had a HUGE Cadillac as a first car. His was a 1974 Sedan DeVille, mine was a 1970 Coupe DeVille. 472 in^3 V8, four barrel carb., and a 3-speed auto., Leather, 8-track, power seats and windows, huge white-wall tires, and auto climate control. Pimp mobile! 9 miles to the gallon too — but at the time, $.85 a gallon was still manageable in high school. The torque was amazing as the thing would spin out from a dead stop even with the auto. That and the fact that it could seat 7 for dinner was entertaining too!

    Then I moved to a 1988 Honda CRX Si when I was 17. Talk about a change in vehicle size!

    Anyway, great to see another tank driver convert to something just a wee bit smaller! But, I still miss the “Boss Hogg Mobile” from time to time…

  2. Todd – Yeah, that is kinda creepy…

    I think my fondness of the CRX was one ingredient to me liking the MINI so much.

  3. BTW – I owned three different CRXs over the years – until they stopped making them in favor of the del sol, which we had one just before hte MINI.

    I agree, the CRX was the most fun I had in a car until the MINI.

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