Woofcast #211


Just Gabe and I tonight. Todd was watching his Jayhawks win the Orange Bowl! Before getting into it, db has finally figured out how to record and I think you will enjoy this show.

We pick on GP’s just a bit, but not really. Be sure to check out the new features of the site, especially the subscribe to comments via email. If you are hardcore and prefer to subscribe to comments via RSS, you can find the comments feed here.

Then, news of the week from Motoringfile.

Check back tomorrow for a fun show we did before New Years, joined by Matt Gifford. It was a great fun and I think you’ll really enjoy it! As a bonus, I will have that one ready for you earlier than normal, so keep an eye out here and in iTunes (or the Zune Marketplace) for that to show up.

Woofcast 211:

Download | 12.5MB | 27:04 | WRR @ iTunes

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  1. I can only imagine. I honestly do not know why iTunes isn’t updating for some of you and can’t seem to find an answer anywhere, but I’ll keep looking.

    If you have a feed reader, try subscribing to WRR with that. Maybe you’ll get better results (and the show on time!).

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