Woofcast #219

cartsStarting off talking a bit about the outdoor carting that our respective clubs do. I did miss it this weekend, but hopefully I’ll be able to take part next time around.

A quick AMVIV reminder before rolling into news of the week, including some lively discussion, from Motoringfile.com

Don’t forget, if there is something specific you would like Gabe to check out while he is on the big BMW press junkets later this month, leave a comment and he will see what he can do.

Woofcast 219:

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2 replies on “Woofcast #219”

  1. Regarding TSB’s — Maybe I’m cynical but I’m not confident about learning everything about TSBs from the dealer. When alldata.com was still free, I would occasionally check for MINI TSBs. There are some TSBs that direct the dealer to check and correct possible problems, and I would expect the dealer to take care of those.

    Then there are other TSBs that tell the dealer not to do anything unless the customer complained. These are non-critical issues such as heated seats being too warm (or not enough), or dash rattles (the fix is something like 5 pages of instructions). The dealer is not proactive but waits for you to say something first. Some of these may seem minor and if you were not aware that they are known issues, you might not think to ask. It is always best to make yourself as well informed as you can.

  2. Hey guys, havn’t listened in quite some time. Great show as always.

    DB, don’t buy Eibach’s if you are going to replace your springs. You will regret it like I did. Go with the H-Sports, much better ride hight and handling characteristics.


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