Woofcast #225

Ok, first things first, lets get the links out of the way.

Remember, if you are having the cold start issue, bring it up with your dealer and MINI USA right away! They want to help, really they do! Be sure to follow the link above and watch the videos if you aren’t sure if you are affected or not.

Finally, what do you think about us changing up the show a bit. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as always.

And yes, for the record, we are ‘Stick Shift Snobs’. There, I said it.

Woofcast 225:

Download | 20.1MB | 43:38 | WRR @ iTunes

8 replies on “Woofcast #225”

  1. I’m looking forward to hearing the new podcast. I think it would be a refreshing change for you guys even though you sort of do it anyway. I think you should just do it any time the MINI news runs thin.

    You guys put on a good show. Heck, even if you did a cooking show, I’d listen.

    About the congestion charge. I haven’t read the article yet, so excuse me if my position is wrong. I wouldn’t have such an issue with it, IF I knew 100% of the revenue generated went to efforts towards a green initiative. Unfortunately, it feels more like a deterrent and the money is going to something useless like red light cameras.

  2. Dudes…(thats for db) Do not do a specific non mini show….Dont be afraid to run of on tangents, and remain a “MINI” show….the reason why you guys are successful is because you are entertaining, regardless of topic, and I would listen to about any topic you guys would discuss…..but I dont see the need to break it out, just keep doing your thing!….I would prefer to hear more off topic banter…..i.e. blackroofradio please…..that would have MINI info when it breaks

  3. Hey guys,

    I just wanted to give a vote of support in favor of the general automotive podcast. I started reading Motoringfile in 2004 when I got my MINI and then found Whiteroofradio fairly early and have been listening to it ever since. Last summer, I bought a 335 but continued listening to whiteroofradio because I really enjoy the show. That said, I definitely began to enjoy the non-MINI topics more than the MINI ones… so for me this is perfect. Similarly, I was psyched when bimmerfile started. So, anyway, there’s my vote of support. Thanks for putting on the show. It’s great stuff.

  4. I suggest loosely MINI “related” general automotive news…I know that sounds counter intuitive, but I totally see how that “car” in china or the new 135 relates to the MINI brand…but news on the new HUMMER H4 wouldn’t…I hope what I am trying to suggest is relayed correctly over this message. I wish you all the best of luck with all the future endeavors.

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