Woofcast #228

Almost an hour of us talking about the Clubman. Pro’s and cons, Clubman vs. Clubman S. Then, of course, we had to talk about the JCW MINI. These are our thoughts and we would appreciate yours!

So much for the general automotive ‘cast this week. With so much stuff going on, we decided to push it off until next week.

If you are still on the fence about AMVIV, Palace Station has 30 rooms left at a new rate. It’s not the same as the original rate, but better than the rack rate for the weekend. Get on it quickly if you want to book your room. They won’t last!

Keep an eye out as well for Whiteroof.tv, the newest site Under the White Roof. That will be our video site and you can expect to see some things happening over there very soon, plus quite a bit from AMVIV. I hope to have it set-up in iTunes by the end of the week and will post the link that as soon as it’s done. But, for now, you can go over and subscribe or sign up for updates via email.

Woofcast 228:

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8 replies on “Woofcast #228”

  1. DB,

    Your statement about California car dealers not allowing test drives without a salesman is not quite true. In fact, just last month my wife and I took a vehicle from Crevier BMW for an hour long test drive after leaving a copy of our license with them. Sometimes you just need to ask.


  2. If one opts for the mech. LSD, does that disable the DTC/eDiff? Or do they “get along” when both are specced?

    Another msmall detail that gets forgotten in the JCW spec is the sodium filled valves. So… aside from the “normal” sport mods you see on other cars (i.e. different turbo, ECU and exhaust) the JCW car has custom pistons and valves. Not bad for 30k+ IMHO.

  3. Hi Guys,
    Great Episode. You mentioned the dealers not allowing long runs in the new Clubman? I can tell you that they are not all that bad worldwide. I am the ClubMini Event Coordinator for Queensland (Australia) and one of our local dealers is allowing us to take 3 new Clubmen on a Mini Run this weekend! Yep, for about 6 hours we will be flogging the shiny new ones through the mountains and hills! Want photos let me know. See you at AMVIV. BTW, Can I borrow one of your Mini’s for a run eh? Can’t bring my JCWMCSR56 from Australia and there is no way we can hire one in Las Vegas for love or money!

  4. I’ve never heard of dealers not allowing people out for test drives elsewhere in the US so I’m thinking it might be DB’s dealer just bring a bit prick-ish.

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