Woofcast #229

iPhone user to Whiteroofradio.com? Leave a note below. Bonus points if you do it on your iPhone. If there is enough of you, I’ll make the page work better for all y’all. Also, don’t miss the link to Whiteroof.tv up top. It’s even in iTunes already!

Lovers of the long show are definitely in for a treat tonight! To get us started, Gabe has a set of Schroth Harnesses (driver and passenger side with pads), contact him if you are interested.

Gabe or db on Top Gear US? Crazier things have happened.

Then on to news of the week from Motoringfile.com. We take Winding Road to task, talk about the MINI Challenge Safety Car, Carrozzeria Castagna newest MINI creation, updated MTTS dates (these are correct), MINI USA sales are up and Gabe and the Stig drive through a stream.

Plus we talk to Agro from Sin City MINI Club and head honcho for AMVIV to give us the latest information. If you are going, click over NOW and register. There might be a few rooms left on the group rate as well. And, check back tomorrow for the White Roof Radio AMVIV Event cast that I do with Michael and Patricia. It’s more fun that should be allowed by law!

Woofcast 229:

Download | 25.7MB | 56:04 | WRR @ iTunes

16 replies on “Woofcast #229”

  1. Thanks for having me on guys.
    I don’t remember if I ran out of time to say it or if it got cut, but I have to mention the the other SCMC members who make AMVIV possible. We lost a couple of the core people from prior years, and I have to give a HUGE shout to Steve for stepping up and taking over the vendor relations roll n addition to his runmaster roll.
    Also invaluable so far have been Conny & Ladd, Pedro, Sherri & Jim, Clint, Larry, Brian and my wife Patrice.

  2. A SOLSTICE COMPARED TO A E-TYPE!?!?!?!? I am going to go sit in the corner and cry….

    I like the solstice but not that much….lol

  3. I have ridden on a standard Solstice and the car handles well, but the standard Ecotec engine simply sucks. I know it is a decent engine but it sounds like a tractor.

    Anyone considering a Solstice or Sky should spring for the Turbo model.

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